Glioblastoma in the Media

We're starting to see Glioblastoma more and more in the mainstream media. Awareness of glioblastoma is increasing. Below is a list of some of the things we are reading and watching right now. Keep checking back here for more recommendations for patients and caregivers alike.

What we're reading right now:

The Living Room by Amanda Lamb

A mother's glioblastoma diagnosis and a daughter's role as her caregiver, advocate, and protector. 80 days of love and laughter in The Living Room. A story about the transformative power of caregiving, death, and ultimately healing. 





Cycle of Lives by David Richman


These moving stories of 15 remarkable caregivers, survivors, and loved ones explore the emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis. A thought-provoking collection of powerful stories.




Soup Club and Lasting Love  by Caroline Wright

Soup Club and Lasting Love are books written by the Glioblastoma Foundation's very own Caroline Wright. Soup Club is a testament to the healing power of soup. 80 recipes for comfort and strength to share.

Lasting Love is a children's book about the power of loving a parent or someone who may not be with us any longer and navigating loss for young children.


What we're watching right now:

Lenox Hill on Netflix

Lenox Hill follows the transition of a community hospital to a place where neurosurgery care is provided as well. The documentary follows physicians and patients, several of which have glioblastoma as they navigate the disease. 




The current standard of care for glioblastoma consisting of radiation and chemotherapy is ineffective.

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