Quilts for GBM Patients

"Quilts can be very meaningful to cancer patients or to families who have lost a loved one to glioblastoma. Patients and families can form a deep attachment to something such as a quilt because of the comfort it brings. Getting a quilt from a stranger can mean a lot to a glioblastoma patient. This type of gift can make a big difference to a patient because it means that someone was thinking of them during a difficult time."

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Chemo Quilts

Oncology floors can be chilly and sometimes chemotherapy medications can make patients feel even more cold. At many hospitals patients are encouraged to bring a quilt for warmth. If you are a quilter, and would like to donate a chemo quilt to a patient undergoing chemotherapy for glioblastoma, here is all the information you need to get started.

Quilt Size: The quilt should be large enough to tuck under the feet and go all the way up to the neck while seated. We recommend a length and width of 70"x46"
Quilt Material: Warm cuddle fabrics would be a great backing to provide patients with warmth and comfort.

  • Use a quality backing such as Warm & Natural
  • Any punched cotton batting will hold up well
  • If you want to use a fleece blanket instead of a quilt, two layers sewn together at the binding will help retain heat and provide extra weight
  • Use quality fabrics so that they withstand washings
  • Avoid using red colors that may bleed or dark colors such as blue and black that may fade after multiple washes
  • Use a color catcher or dye fixative such as Retayne to keep colors from bleeding

Durability: The quilts should be quilted with a tight pattern, no more than a few inches in between.

Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a wonderful way to keep a loved one's memory alive. A quilt is something that can be used by families of patients lost to glioblastoma to keep their loved one close. If you would like to make a memory quilt for someone lost to glioblastoma, we recommend a simple square quilt with sashing and 12.5in squares of fabric.

If you would like to make a memory quilt for a glioblastoma patient, please contact us so we can identify a family for you.

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Quilt for a Cause

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Completed Quilts can be sent to:

Glioblastoma Foundation
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