Osimertinib Showing Promise

The Glioblastoma Foundation is proud to continue its support of the drug Osimertinib for a subset of patients with EGFRVIII+ glioblastoma. We are excited to announce our support of a trial of Osimertinib at Wake Forest University under the direction of Dr. Glenn Lesser.

Previous data has shown Osimertinib to have some effectiveness in glioblastoma patients. A study as recently as June 2020 showed this drug inhibits the growth of EGFRVIII+ glioblastomas. This study paves the way for the testing of Osimertinib in glioblastoma patients.  Glioblastoma is a very heterogeneous tumor and one patient's glioblastoma may look nothing like another patient's glioblastoma. These differences present a great opportunity for the use of targeted therapy to combat glioblastoma.

With this new trial, Osimertinib will be able to get to patients as quickly as possible, and scientists will be able to better examine exactly which patients are a good fit for the drug. We look forward to supporting the continued development of this promising therapy for glioblastoma patients so that it can be widely used to prolong the lives of patients.

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The current standard of care for glioblastoma consisting of radiation and chemotherapy is ineffective.

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