Brenda Davis-Landini

Brenda was the love of my life. She was beautiful, brilliant, joyous, gifted, loving, and loved. We met when she was 21 and I was 23 in Florence, Italy, where we lived for a decade before moving to San Diego.

In September of 2020, she started having some short-term memory loss and tingling in her right hand, and in October, she was diagnosed with an inoperable Glioblastoma with a mass exceeding 40mm that spanned her entire brain.

A biopsy was performed to verify the diagnosis and she started medications (Dexa, Keppra, Norco), which were followed by radiation and chemo until we stopped after 7 sessions because she could no longer handle it; her brilliant mind was not the same after.

They gave us 3 months and she passed on July 2, 2021.  She was stoic and strong and endured this trial with grace and dignity.

I sent her medical records to research in hope that it may help someone else.

I miss her more than words can express and more than I could’ve imagined.

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The current standard of care for glioblastoma consisting of radiation and chemotherapy is ineffective.

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